Cool Wallets

A cool wallet says a lot about a man (or a woman respectively) and it’s a must have accessory if you want to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. It’s rarely the case nowadays that a wallet is used only for its practical utility as it represents more of a status symbol or a way to reveal a little about your personality. That’s why many people tend to gravitate towards cool wallets, it’s not enough for a wallet just to hold your money and credit cards anymore, it has to express a little about your personality as well. Now there are different types of cool wallets and different personalities have different choices. While some people prefer a classy, cool leather wallet to indicate status and gentlemen-like behavior, other people consider that over the top and their opinion of a cool wallet is a quirky and funny one (like a peanut butter and jelly wallet which is a real wallet that you can purchase, browse our website to find it out). Regardless of your choices though, don’t worry as we have quite an extensive collection of wallets here, including link to purchase them at a significant discount from Amazon, so whether you are looking for cool wallets for men or cool wallets for woman, you have come to the right place. Our website is full of amazing looking, quirky, awesome, unique cool wallets that if you get your hands on you are sure to impress your friends or at least get a smile out of them. Here is a comparison table with a couple of cool wallets we have selected for you, but this is by no means the complete selection we have to offer. As we acknowledge that each person’s personality is unique we are constantly reviewing cool wallets across the web, for women and for men, quirky or classy, funny or serious. You can see our latest selection of cool wallets here.

Cool Wallets

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Air Mail Wallet
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Why it’s important to have a cool wallet

Many men do not give a second thought to what kind of wallet they wear. They probably purchased the cheapest one they could get their hands on during high school or college and have stuck with it for a long time, not able to see why would they need to replace it in the first place. Younger generation of men come growing up without holding a wallet at all, let alone a cool one. We are going to make the case here why we think that even in today’s modern society it’s important to invest in a cool wallet.

Wallets say a lot about the organizational skills of a men. Despite the fact that many people do not wear cash on them or in their wallets any more, credit cards have become more preponderant and together with ids, receipts or driver license and other documents you need to have on all time on you they occupy a lot of space in your pockets. And there is nothing more embarrassing than having to check all your pockets to find the movie tickets you have purchased while people patiently wait for you. Having a wallet with a lot of compartments can greatly assist you in this regard, and most of the top wallets out there take this into account coming up with plenty of card slots and dedicated space for ids.

Wallets however have transcended their utility need, becoming more and more a fashion item and making a statement about what kind of men you are. Together with a belt and a watch, there is probably no other fashion item that has become a better indicator of your personality than a cool wallet. Some people want to subliminally indicate their high status and financial well being and they choose to go for a cool leather wallet. Be sure that all the ladies notice whenever you pay the bill at a restaurant the high quality, fine but subtle print of a top of the line leather wallet. Other people prefer to express their cool personality by sporting funky, quirky wallets with colorful patterns that stand out as soon as you get them out. Looking for a great conversation starter? Look no further than our unique bacon wallets, $100 bill wallet or classical Nintendo print wallets. I have yet to see a case when those wallets have not sparked some interesting conversations.

Designer wallets have also gain steam recently as more people realized how easily you can stand out by wearing a cool wallet. Because if you want to stand out by wearing cool shoes, you are going to have a hard time, as a lot of other men are already focusing and spending money on their shoes. Same goes with pretty much all other fashion dressings , shirt, belts, ties, coats, etc.. But wallets have been overlooked for a long period of time due to the fact that they stay hidden in a back pocket most of the time, so it’s rare to see a man that has a stylish wallet nowadays. Designer and celebrities alike caught glimpse of this and started using cool wallets as an item to differentiate themselves and become more awesome. There are plenty of designer wallets that you can purchase for a relatively small amount and turn you into super star over night within your circle.

If you want to make a statement about the commercialism of today’s society, you can’t go wrong with a hand made wallet. Hand made wallets are very rarely seen nowadays, but they say a lot about you and your beliefs. While everyone is wearing the same mass consumption wallets, a hand made wallet, custom printed with your name on it will make a bigger impression at a cheaper cost than perhaps a much more expensive designer wallet. If you want to stand out and appreciate the craftsmanship of creating a wallet from scratch, go for a hand made wallet.

There is nothing more manly than a cool wallet.